Nemo Herringwary’s SotA Video Reviews

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Former Shroud of the Avatar forum member and current Shroud Unlimited forum member Nemo Herringwary has created a couple of little video reviews with his ongoing experience into SotA to this point. And when I say little, I lie! These are packed full of logical even handed information and I think are reactions from your average every day gamer, this is probably why voluntarily left the cash heavy SotA forums long ago! Someone like you or me, the 99%, would think the same things Nemo does as he rolls through New Britannia experiencing everything he can’t afford to buy for real cash, lawl. Sorry Nemo, but your videos really do prove that human beings love to watch other human beings suffer 😛

These are a great watch folks, and Nemo is quite entertaining so give them a watch if you’re a SotA newb, pro, or perspective future player!



A link has been added to the blog to his channel also so you can catch future episodes.