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Disgruntled SotA Players Take Fight Into Underworld Ascendant

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 single player anyone? bueller? bueller? bueller?

Just a quick one for you this late morning, and boy is it a special one. It seems that Shroud of the Avatar player Lord_Darkmoon has seen it necessary to bring up Shroud of the Avatar’s Single Player issues in none other than… drum-roll… The Underwold Ascendant forum. Then, additional SotA users jump in to tag and dispute both, it is a little bit embarrassing. No, it is a lot embarrassing!
Even I wouldn’t take my issues with Shroud of the Avatar into a different publisher’s forum like that, and that is saying something folks. Go check this out, if the UWA guys have any sense then the thread may be deleted in which case I’ll then print it out. Go read for yourself, it is a real blast 😛

“Many of those who pledged because of the single player mode fear that in the end SotA will play like a MMORPG in single player mode which is not what a single player game should play like.
The devs don’t seem to be aware of those concerns and have not yet answered questions regarding this.”

– Lord_Darkmoon

fawkin nubs shhhhhhh!

“Edit: You don’t “save” a game by spreading disparaging lies that in turn scare off backers and hurt their funding.”

– enderandrew


Might Portalarium Further Divide Attention Away From Shroud Of The Avatar?

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In the beginning Lord British created the stretch goals and New Britannia. Now New Britannia was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of Ultima was hovering over the waters.
In the early days, we saw that it was good. However currently, creation is turning out not to be all it is cracked up to be. Numerous threads in the SotA forum questioning nearly everything Portalarium is doing in Shroud of the Avatar and the near begging for any pieces of information the community can get tells all the story you need to know.
Instead of doubling down on what they had promised through the Kickstart campaign, Portalarium continues to skirt around the issues and focus their efforts outside the community’s areas of interest. Take this weekend’s update for example.
So what do we have here Lassie? Another cross promotion girl?
woof woof!
Yeah, this time with an Underworld reboot. I am going to forgo taking shots at Portalarium for stroking their little wangs about how the community is an integral part of what they are doing, just don’t have it in me this afternoon. So this.

“We’re especially excited to reveal that, just as the original Ultima and Underworld shared a connection on backstory and fictional elements, so too will Shroud of the Avatar and Underworld Ascendant. There is a portal between the two worlds, which over the ages travelers have crossed, some bringing with them artifacts and arcane lore.”

I gots me a few questions based on that bullshit. Clearly this is just another cross promotion and they wish it to sound a lot better than what will ever take place. Can you imagine though, Portalarium, people who can’t even bring you updates, assets, transparency. Can you imagine them trying to communicate to another indie dev team in an attempt to bring you what they just described, rather what they want you to think they have actually described, in that quote above? Nope. They are just trying to get Underworld to expose their community to SotA, and I get that, but there is no need to just bullshit us like that.
  1. Where exactly is this back story that Shroud of the Avatar shares with Underworld Ascendant?
  2. Is this back story already written into Tracy Hickman’s Novels?
  3. Will the back story be written into Tracy Hickman’s Novels?
  4. How will this change the plans of the current Shroud of the Avatar underworld?
  5. Will this waste dev’s time beyond creating BS “artifacts”?
Seriously guys, don’t get your hopes up, your player in Shroud of the Avatar is NEVER going to be able to transfer over or connect to Underworld Ascendant. All they are really saying is that they will spend 5 or 10 mins to write a script to create a few items, spend 2 mins naming them and then another 5 patching them in.
Don’t drink the cool aid bros.