Shroud of the Avatar Users Create Reddit Post Then Smash World Of Warcraft

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LUL. In a brilliant marketing campaign lead by one enderandrew on the Shroud of the Avatar Forum, a couple of reddit posts were created linking up to the new Shroud of the Avatar game Trailer posted on YouTube.

Ohhh Membrane you say, back the fuck off these guys what is wrong with that? Well, bitch, only just that after elderandrew posted that he saw the need to include, literally, a TWENTY THREE(thanks for counting Bill, fucked if I was going to!) bullet point list of how much wow sucked compared to Shroud of the Avatar… which is not released, not playable, which nobody knows how it will turn out, which is still taking orders from the highest bidders to shape the game, and based quite loosely on information which is ever changing!

Here are the Reddit links if you wish to comment, I know I shall be.

Link 1 –  MMORPG Subreddit

Link 2 – Gaming Subreddit


Here is the SotA forum link, where he is now taking flack from SotA users lulz. Let us see how long this post is up for, looking at you Mystic.

Link 3 – SotA forum Post






MGT470 & Spam Upvotes on Shroud of the Avatar Forum

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So there is this guild, called MGT470. It certainly has a few winners in it’s ranks, and by winners what I mean are immature forum kiddies.

It only took the MGT470 forum kiddies about two weeks to learn that they can now spam out the upvotes, as if nobody would actually notice lawl.

Their users in the SotA forum have gone from very very few likes, because those particular users are usless wastes of space(I’m looking at you Izzy!) to hundreds in just a few hours. Yeah, that isn’t suspicious at all guys.

Don’t believe me? Well, I do know a member of MGT470 who is fairly high up in their Guild. This member was alienated when one of the members of MGT470 started posting abuse against one of the actual SotA dev team, after which was not only supported but continued by other MGT470 members. It was pretty crazy. Those members even posted about me and the microtransactions subject in their own forum to vent, this is where I have to give some of their leadership kudos, because they were sensible enough to disagree with them and tell them to back the fuck off the Dev and calling me names 😛

Now, MGT470 have launched a pretty impressive campaign to clean up their image in the SotA forums in the past week or so. All of the content has been pretty well edited and cleaned up to reflect a more down to earth MGT470.

My contact couldn’t disclose any information about why they cleaned up, but I assume it was just so they didn’t continue to look like giant ass hats! But what he did give me are a few interesting screen shots, and one on the topic of Upvote Spam.

Firstly, it was pushed in their weekly meeting according to the contact and attendee:


Then after that additional information was posted on how to make it even easier, lead by DavenRock, Isaiah, and Gunga Din(I had a better opinion of you Gunga wtf!).


Now this is pretty funny, simply because when the new forums went live I made three suggestions.

  1. Do not allow Animated Gifs for Avatars of Signatures & have a Signature Approval Process
  2. Remove the Like feature.
  3. Remove the Points feature.

Even funnier, they were all denied as you can see here:


So of course, the first thing that happens, idiot users start to spam out fucking ridiculous animated GIF signatures. I responded with one that would be sure to make my point, after that they no longer accepted users submitting animated GIFs… This nearly got me banned, but it had to be done.

Now in response to points 2 and 3, I have posted this article. I’m not a genius, but any idiot can see these things coming when forum kiddies get involved.