Who Died And Made You Man’s Best Friend?

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Say hello to the “Deutsche Dogge,” SotA man’s best friend. This pet is a reward for a pledge tier added after the kickstarter on April 25th 2013. Here is the announcement:

In celebration of the thirteenth annual Quo Vadis German game conference, Portalarium announces that German will be the first non-English language supported by Shroud of the Avatar!

Richard Garriott is delivering a keynote speech at this year’s Qua Vadis conference, and as a special nod to our German backers, SotA introduces a new pledge tier, the “Edelmann” Housing Pledge Tier, which includes a special German village house, the unique, in-game title of “Edelmann,” a unique Deutsche Dogge pet (or should it be a Dachshund…we’ll let the community decide), and a special ability to brew (and teach) a unique German beer that adheres to the Reinheitsgebot, or “German Beer Purity Law” of 1516. SotA will engage the community to submit and vote on visual images for the German Village house, with the team selecting the most popular image to integrate into the game.

The voting has been conducted and the result is in! Congratulations voters and to the Great Dane pictured above for winning the majority! here is the announcement on March 1st 2014 aprox a year after the first notice:

Benefactor Edelmann Great Dane Pet

Included in the basic rewards of the Edelmann pledge tier is this unique, in-game, Deutsche Dogge (Great Dane) house pet

Nice. Crowdfunding works! Some people paid $550 for the Eldemann pledge tier and got to vote for a pet option, woooooo! Wait a second… What vote? If you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about, well neither did I really before a few days ago. You know who you are.

There was no vote, not in the main forum or even Dev+ which any Eldemann pledge would have had access to(I believe yes) after backing to that tier. If you are wondering how the Deutsche Dogge got voted in, you aren’t the only one:

Where is it? Frack, where is it!



Ahhhhh much better! Let me channel for you what happened. Nothing with you, but some high level backers who probably had drinks with the staff in Austin(#tinfoil) decided the fate of the dogge. They took your poor Dachshund to the vet, unfortunately, nobody will be able to save him in the add-on store. Goodbye 😦




Shroud of the Avatar or Ultima Online 2?

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So, I saw this clearly uninformed post over at the SotA forum just now. I guess that isn’t much of a surprise now is it.

It inspired me to create a Poll over there, on what the player base wants. Do they want what Shroud of the Avatar seems to be shaping up into, and at this point we now are getting a good idea. Or do they want Ultima Online 2.

I think I know exactly how this Poll is going to go…