Manifest Destiny

Richard Garriot, Lord British, has not been shy about revealing the fact that he wants a “Land Rush” to take place in Shroud of the Avatar. The reasons are clear, during the kick start he promised static non-instanced rare housing. But in the end with Starr’s “Lot Selection Process” it is going to be more like a quiet staged move in rather than a Land Rush.

Land Rush was reserved to the purchase of lots, which has now been pushed to the side by Player Owned Towns. Many Player Owned Towns have been sold now above and beyond anything that was expected. This is good for Portalarium because it is more cash for them, however bad for the community because it detracts from the core game by stealing time away from development on the kick start promises.

Portalariuim also got themselves into trouble because they offered to construct and customize aspects of Player Owned Towns for people. They sold too many and it would have been a resourcing disaster. Now they are spending that resource time on building mod tools for the POT owners so that they can configure their own POTs how they see fit.

There are many issues with these POTs though, some may not even be aware when they buy them, they will NOT appear on the map any longer because they have sold too many. In any case, here is a quick map created from information available which shows who owns what type of POT… I probably missed a few, a lot probably not even listed by the looks of it. The people with money to waste are indicated in red, meaning more than one POT. Interesting to note, players in red seem to have the inside tracks to the Devs, special testing privileges above that of Dev+, special access to assets above that of Dev+, and are the loudest advocates for backing a failing game in the new forum-norm over on SotA Forum. Who would have thought??

Click for larger image.

SotA Player Owned Towns


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